Bowdown EP

by Cranky face

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released November 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Cranky face Galway, Ireland

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Track Name: Bowdown
Well it’s 10 am, a different face laying next to me again
Tell me you love me (Why would I do something like that?) We’ve been together for such a short time, why don’t we tell everyone? At least it would be nice to make love with the light on
Page 3 hey hey you got what you want
A modelling position (that you don’t need to lie about) Please don’t tell my folks they wouldn’t understand That a leading light needs a hired hand
Bang bang, hey hey, it’s you going to get you to bowdown x 4
Hey temptress look at me, you’re a pretty kitten you can sit on my knees Don’t ask the questions (There could never be any need)
I’m as patient as they come but don’t tease a man
Especially one with a loaded gun
Bang bang, hey hey, it’s you going to get you to bowdown x 4
I am selective, you do as I please, and yes I expect you to do what I need I’ve been too long in the public eye (Tell anyone you’ll die)
This institution has been going for far too long
To allow a women to tell us what’s wrong
Bang bang, hey hey, it’s you going to get you to bowdown x 4
Track Name: Freak
I want to cry but I haven’t got the strength Let alone have the sense
I really should go but my hearts not in it yet The smoke blows my head to rest
I lick my lips I count the seconds until your return
We fall apart at the seams we don’t know what this means Counting faces in the street
I count the smiles and I’m left redundant
People glaring at their feet another fool another freak
Don’t be with me run while you have the chance I am not what I seem I’m not the love of your life I am just a facade a complete waste of space A force of habit that you can’t kick
I’m just a freak
You show me what you think love means But you don’t know
Hold my head listen to my words You’re fake at best
Track Name: Egg
The work that you do is not enough, No it’s not enough Can’t you seem like you try, And do it with a smile Somebody tell me why
I’m just a cog in a wheel, Your future has been sealed Burning time and brewing lies, Whilst your dreams just die Somebody tell me why
And so I fade away...
This distillation of time, time that’s passing by
Could be kinder to me, If you still believe
I could change my mind
So screw this job you freak, What you say to me?
You can stick it up your hole, You’re going straight to the dole At last I can sleep
And so you fade away
I’ll stick a needle in my arm, Can’t do much harm
Sign this deal with a kiss, You surely won’t be missed
I work and then I die
I’ve played all the games you want to play, and it’s worked out this way
I could have done with some luck, but I didn’t get out much
Somebody tell me why
Track Name: The Women
Why pretend your here for me, why pretend you love me When the truth is your not, love is all you’ve got
You took me to an empty room, left me to struggle through You turned and walked away, another lonely day
I wish I knew what’s in your head
I contemplate as I lie in bed
Can you listen? can’t you see? The way we both want this to be Just break the rules, stand apart forget your head and follow your heart
Picture perfect it may seem, to an onlooker with low self esteem Forcing pleasure on your mind, I do it all the time
Your body feels so disappointed, no need for words you would have said
You’ve been through all this before, you feel like a whore