We should hate EP

by Cranky face

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1st track from the 'We should hate EP'


released November 26, 2015

Words: Simon Noble
Music: Cranky face



all rights reserved


Cranky face Galway, Ireland

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Track Name: We should hate
We should hate

To all the girls in the fast lanes
Making shapes getting back pains
I know you’re a bitter man
But your body doesn’t understand

To all the girls in the back room
Getting high on some mushrooms
Your heart is a blackened fist
They don’t know what they miss

They can kiss they can pout
They can hiss they can shout
They can fix you with a glare
They can kill you with a stare

Once assaulted by their eyes
They will open up their thighs
They will give you a glimpse
Of the thing you want to kiss

They don’y hurt they don’t strain
They don’t feel the same pain
They don’t really understand
As you rub them with your hands

I can hate, You can hate
We can hate, we should hate
We can open up their eyes
To the part of you that’s died
Track Name: Our father
Our father

They’re going to file a report against you
For touching them where you shouldn’t at school
With God on your side
You think you’ve got the right to feel and steal

In the Shadows with no preying eyes
You find it safe to throw off your disguise
With dog collar on the ground
They scream without a sound
Whilst the sweat falls from your head

You’re going to confess what you have done
Say an Our Father and then it’s done
You caught them of their guard again
You caught them of their guard
And now you’ve stolen everything they know

You promise them an eternity in hell
If they run from that shadow and ring the alarm bell
Though tears roll down their face
In their heart they’ll find a place to wipe clean
The images they’ve seen

Tell me how do you sleep at night?
With all the innocence you rob for personal delight
If there is a God, and he see’s everything
Then that shadow won’t conceal your needs
Track Name: Toya

Another day and more thoughts on oblivion
I don’t mind telling you it scares the hell out of me
The dead look so peaceful, in their eternal sleep
I hope I’m satisfied when it’s my time to leave

I’ve got a pain in my chest, is this the hurt that will take me?
Or am I a paranoid psychosomatic fool?
Imagine their’s someone, looking through our eyes
Counting our sins and covering up our lies

I’m going to break my back in two for you
I’ve died once now I’ll die for you Toya
Concentrate and you’ll wake up one day gone

Pain, well it can be a silly thing
Sometimes it can be quite comforting
A trickle of your blood, a trickle of mine
I feel so helpless being ruled by the constraints of time

The sun in the sky makes me feel like it will not snow again
Track Name: Somethings never change
Somethings never change

Got caught out in the wilderness, by lips that were too soft not to kiss
And eyes that strained and felt my pain
And words that brought me to your bed

I was found on a lonely day, thoughts of happiness so far away
The bleak regret that with every step
I stumbled through this life

Another danger sign
Another parting line
Another heart not mine
Somethings never change
Another waste of time
Another tear thats cried
Another relationship died
Somethings never change

We drew our battle lines, it sent shivers down my spine
Farewell my friend this is the end
We’ll leave it for another day
Track Name: I don't know you
I don’t know you

Stumble down the corridor, sweaty palms slide off the floor
Shattered ribs from a beating heart, I’m sorry now but this is just the start
People like you don’t agree, with people like her and him and me
You shout the loudest so you think, this boat we sail soon will sink

I see that you want to play
I see you think I’m insane
Not this time…

You can scold me if you like, raise your fists put up a fight
It comforts me to my very core, this life you lead, you’ll lead no more
Your face it pleads and asks me why? For the life of me I don’t know why
I shrug my shoulders, I grip the rope, very soon you start to choke

Soon you will be gone
And I’ll need another one
Maybe you…

I don’t know you